glRender Gets No Hits on Linux

I’ve been charged with getting an OpenGL app that displays on SGIs to display on Linux boxes (Redhat Linux-x86_64 with NVIDIA driver Version 169.12). For the most part, it’s been a matter of making sure that RGB calls are made rather that color-map indexing calls. That part seems to be going fairly smoothly. However, I’ve been trying to get picking to work, without success. The code does a standard

GLuint pick_buffer[500];
GLint hits;

glSelectBuffer(sizeof(pick_buffer)/sizeof(GLint), pick_buffer);
hits = glRenderMode(GL_RENDER);

On the SGIs, hits is positive and on the Linux Boxes, hits is 0. I logged various stages in the code, and both appear to be doing the same thing up to the final glRenderMode call. Any ideas?

Never used selection mode. Are you checking for GL errors throughout?

Might see if one of these tutorial points out something you’re not doing:

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