GLQuake on NVidia GEForce 2MX

Whenever I try to run GLQuake on my NVidia GeForce 2MX I get an error message: “a required .dll file, glide2X.dll, was not found”. Is it possible to run GLQuake with this video card? The system is a p3 933 w/128mb RAM; the video card is 32mb.

Uhm… i would think NO, you can’t run GlQuake w/ an Nvidia… because GlQuake uses Glide, for which you must have a 3dfx card.

I had the same problem with my Geforce2 GTS card, got the same error message.
When you install glquake there is an initial options screen that asks you if you’re using a 3dfx card, when glquake was coded 3dfx cards were quite new and the default option was set to 3dfx.
When I installed glquake recently I didn’t notice this and just accepted the default settings, when I reinstalled it I unchecked the 3dfx box and it all worked perfectly.

This worked for me…

If you have an OpenGL32.dll file in your game directory, delete it.

Any ideas about Carmageddon on an NVidia? It says “Fatal error: unable to load DLL.”…

Carmageddon is really old. Unless you’re using the 3dfx version (which you CAN’T use since u got an Nvidia card), it doesn’t use hardware acceleration, just software. So I would think that you’re either trying to run the 3dfx version, or you have a bad install.

Oh well…