glPolygonOffset: does "units" value between 0 and 1 make sense???

Hello all!

According to OpenGL docs, “units” parameter of glPolygonOffset() function is used as a multiplier for “minimal hardware-resolvable offset” (or something like that).

So here is the question: does something like 0.5 * delta make sense, if “delta” is “minimal resolvable”???

I think |units| between 0 and 1 should be the same as units = 0.

Am I right?

No, 1.0 gives the minimal offset resolvable, if you specify less the hardware may not be able to resolve this difference, in other words it’ll have no effect or have an incomplete effect.

Basically your bias needs to be 1.0 and the delta Z multiplier (factor) needs to be about 1.0, although in theory something about 0.5 - 0.6 may do the trick for delta Z (factor).

Thanks for your explanation a lot!
I posted my question in two forums 'cause I hoped to get a quick answer. Anyhow, thanks again! :slight_smile: