glPolygonOffset bug?

I’m having severe problems with the OpenGL rendering in my mini-cloth simulation after a Half-Life Counterstrike crash at a LAN party this weekend. This problem might not be apropriate fot this forum although it’s developer oriented so if you think I’m off topic ignore this. The only OpenGL rendering that is buggy is my own program, everything else works fine but I haven’t changed any code, so I still blame OpenGL. The bug is that when viewing polygons head on they are shifted “into” the screen improperly. This is view-dependant and causes shimmering. I thought the drivers had been corrupted so I reinstalled but that didn’t help. I also tried calling glDisable(GL_POLYGON_OFFSET) and glPolygonOffset(0,0) but that didn’t help either. I still think PolygonOffset is to blame though, the view-dependance and the fact that sometimes just some fragments disappear and not entire polygons speak for that. Does anyone know how to fix this? If you want to see this bug in action please download:

(Both versions are for Windows).


Joakim Hårsman

neither link works for me

Originally posted by LordKronos:
neither link works for me

Oops the links should have been

Never mind though it turned out the Nvidia OpenGL driver settings had been corrupted in some way. After changing some stuff in Nvidia control freak the problem disappeared.

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Your driver got fragged.