glPointSize() limited to 1 pixel

I am trying to draw points larger than 1 pixel. I used glPointSize() to increase the size, but to no avail. I used glGetFloatv(GL_POINT_SIZE_RANGE, val) to get the largest point size available and it said val = 1.0. Thus, I conclude that it is my opengl implementation that doesn’t support larger points.
Thus, my question is this:
Does anyone know where I can get a different distribution of opengl which supports point sizes larger than 1? (I am coding in windows with msvc6.0, so I need the .dll, .lib, and .h files.)

You could try querying the max point size, use glGet with the GL_POINT_SIZE_RANGE token.

Yeah, I tried that. Like I said, it returned the value 1. I’m looking for a windows opengl release where that value is greater than 1.