glPatchParameteri in core profile?


I was glancing over the OpenGL 4.1 quick reference card ( and noticed that PatchParameteri (in the section Vertex Specification, Page 1) is colored in blue, indicating that it exists in the compatibility profile only. However, it is also defined in the GL4 core specification (, section 2.6) and it would seem to me that there would be no other way via the API to specify the number of vertices that constitute a patch without it.

I figure this is probably just an error in the reference card and that PatchParameteri is in fact part of the core profile due to it being in the core spec PDF, but that also could be an error (albeit a less likely one). It’s listed between glBegin/glEnd and glEdgeFlag which certainly are compatibility profile only.

I just wanted to check if anyone here knows for sure. GL doesn’t render patches by checking the value of the layout qualifier in the Tess Control shader does it? That would be the only other way I could see where that value is specified…


It’s a bug in the reference card. The actual specification has it correctly as part of core.

The bug is still there in the 4.2 reference card.

Anyone want to take bets that the ARB won’t notice this thread and this will persist into 4.3/5.0/whatever the next version is?

Thanks for clearing that up, Alfonse. :slight_smile: