glMinmax and glGetMinmax


I need some help getting the minmax function in OpenGL to work. I’m programming under Windows 98. After calling glEnable(GL_MINMAX) and reseting the minmax table by calling glMinmax, I draw some simple triangles and call glGetMinmax, but unfortunately the values never change – they are always set at their initial values (minimal and maximal possible values).

What am I doing wrong ?

  • Arie

That is an extension, or at least something higher than v. 1.1, is it not? Have you verified that your drivers support that yet?


Thanks for answering,

I’m using the latest NVidia drivers, which support OpenGL 1.4. My SDK doesn’t have the definitions of glGetMinmax and glMinmax, so I call wglGetProcAddress(…) to get the functions I need. Since I get non-NULL function pointers, and the Minmax values I get are at least initialized correctly, I assume that the problem is on my part, probably not using the functions right (maybe I’m not calling them at the right point in the OpenGL state-machine).

  • Arie

Ok, I’m not familiar with those functions myself so I can’t help you much more. Just thought that it was possible that you were trying to use that on an older OpenGL implementation. Maybe someone else who’s used those functions will be able to tell you more. I’ve only briefly looked at the spec for that stuff, and honestly don’t remember much about how they were used.