'glMapBuffer' was not declared in this scope

I get the following error when I call glMapBuffer function:

error: ‘glMapBuffer’ was not declared in this scope

I also had a look at this page http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6567042/glmapbuffer-undeclared-in-opengl-es-2-0 but I couldn’t understand it.

What the answer you linked to is saying is that the glMapBuffer function isn’t actually defined as a function in the header file by default.

The normal way to access these methods is to use something like GLEW to load all the extensions for you. GLEW has the glMapBuffer declared as a variable, and calls wglGetProcAddress(“glMapBuffer”) on Windows, to get the address of that function.

There is more information over on the wiki about this.


Thanks elFarto, I did not know Glew library contains the glMapBuffer function string.