GLM Problem: glmReadOBJ() failed: can't open data

I’m trying to learn OpenGL and GLUT. As I am a Mac owner, I use XCode to implement my programms. My first steps went fine, but now I want to implement some projection stuff by using GLM from Nate Robins to load some example .obj- and .mtl-files. I also found some examples on his site: Nate Robins OpenGL + examples with a extra project-file for XCode.

But every time I try to run it, a window popes out and then vanish again and my cosole says: glmReadOBJ() failed: can’t open data file “data/al.obj” Any Idea why?

A friend of mine tried to run the same Code with VC++ and didn’t have any problems with it.

Thank you.

Check the file path is correct.
Are you on PPC or intel MAC ? On PPC you may have endianness issues compared to the Windows version.

The path is correct.

Actually I used my terminal and did ‘make all’ and then ‘./fog’ and the example files runs… and then I modified the Makefile to use it for my own program everything went right.

So I think it really has something to do with how XCode works. Since I’m not familiar with the terminal and because of my curiosity, I’d rather like to know what exactly causes the problem.

Ah… I’m working on PPC.