glLineWidth & Wildcat II 5110 Card

We are experiencing some odd behaviour which looks like a glLinewidth call is being ignored.
The result is that the calllist being drawn appears very skinny and aliases ( or at least appears sometimes as a bunch of loosely connected segments.

Its on a Winders 2K system ( 512M Ram ), PIV 1.7 ( stop drooling out there ).

Here’s the snippet of code ( one of them that is misbehaving ).

o o o
glTranslatef( (float)areaHazard.wptX[1],
(float)areaHazard.wptY[1], 0.0f );
recipHeading = resolvdHeading-180.0;
adjustHeading(&recipHeading); // Resolve +/-360
glRotatef((float)(-recipHeading), 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);
o o o

I noticed this first on some legacy code but a colleague has experienced the same problem with new stuff ( some of which is re-used legacy ).

Anybody have any similar experiences out there? with this board ( assuming it is the
board and if it is, howcome a $2000 class
video card has these problems )

I have a small (13K) jpg screen grab of the
results of the offending code if anybody wants to see what is happening

First of all, I suggest that you post this in one of the programming forums, not in the software and gaming forum.

Secondly, I suggest that you contact 3Dlabs. They are supposed to have pretty good developer support.