I have having trouble wit this debugger tool. I installed it and then it says copy OpenGL32.dll and gliConfig to the executable folder of my application. I am not too sure what folder this is, i am using visual c++. I get a lot of folders created. First folder has a Microsoft visual studio solution file and a VC++ intelsense database file. It also has 2 more folders in it, debug and skybox(project name). The skybox holds all my classes etc. I have tried putting the GLIntercept files in all different folders, i run my application, press ctrl-shft-f, close application but i get no output files or folders. AM i missing somthing? If you know about this debugger, your advise would be appreciated.

It should be the Debug folder. Because that’s where your exe file is.

I had a few problems running GLintercept as well. But when I did manage to make it run, I remember it was in the same folder as the exe file of my program.

if you not sure where the exe is located put OpenGL32.dll and gliConfig.ini into the Windows\system32 folder. Beware that all applications using OpenGL will run in debug mode and might be slow. Better find the location of your executable which should be in you <Project> folder under <Debug> or <Release> folder.

You can also go to Project->Properties->Debugging->Working Directory to set the working directory for running the app from inside VS.