GLimp_EndFrame() - SwapBuffers Failed !

There is a possible problem with Quake II running on Windows 2000. When I try to use it with the default OpenGL option it gives the message “GLimp_EndFrame() - SwapBuffers Failed !”.

My system is a AMD K6II-500 in a Soyo MB with 128 MB of RAM. Video Board is a Diamond Viper v770 Ultra with a RIVA TNT2 Ultra processor.

I have already tried to copy the OPENGL32.DLL renamed to REF_GL.DLL to the Quake folder, but I think that it’s not the way.

Anyone have some light (or the same problem).

Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem. I got around it using the NVIDIA Display Driver for Windows NT 4.0 version 3.68, 12/30/1999. They seem to work very stable in windows 2k. They only way I could get them to work though was to wipe my harddrive and reinstall windows 2k from scratch and then replace the default windows 2k drivers with the nt 4.0. I did this once before in the past with out wiping the drive clean, but it was alot of deleting of the registry and some nv*.* files in the c:\winnt directory. If you need a copy of the 3.68 drivers, let me know and I will email them to you. my email is Hope this helps you. I was pissed that the new nvidia win2k 5.22 drivers do not seem to
work correctly with quake2 and I am still not sure why!!! I sent nvidia a email to tech support and have heard nothing. We will see.