gli docs?

Did anyone find some documentation?
I really cannot find it. And since everything is templated and a lot of convolution is going on, I cannot figure out how to save a simple tga from glReadPixel-Data… or how to use it at all without just using gli::createTexture2D.
I was crawling through the headers quite some time.
Also, Visual C++ is reporting a memory leak.

Sorry there is none. The library is still in a early stage of its development so don’t build up too much expectation.

If you want directly saving a OpenGL texture to a TGA, so far it’s not possible.

Hmpf, okay.
I wanted to get rid of the old library corona.
And well, it works well already. It loads .dds files just nice. At least some normal .dds I made with gimp.
If you could consider adding some documentation or a small tutorial / some commented samples on how to do things that would be just great.
But good job so far :).