glHint and skybox texture problem

i have a large cube with the inside walls textured (a skybox)…now if i put glHint (Perspective Correction) to GL_FASTEST the texture gets distorted if any corner of the cube is on the screen…if i use GL_CLAMP(with glTexParametri( ) ) this distortion goes away…
so basically GL_NICEST and GL_CLAMP dont give any trouble but GL_FASTEST and GL_REPEAT give this distortion if any corner is on the screen…but the former two make things really slow…This distortion only happens with the cube made of six quads…not on a 3ds terrain that is also in the scene…
MY fps is vastly increased if i use GL_FASTEST…but i need to get rid of the distorted effect…if you need a screenshot i can put it up. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

Well, if you draw a landscape/terrain without any distortion use the same primitive on the skybox. Pherhaps you use triangles on the terrain?. So try use triangles instead of quads on the skybox. (12 triangles instead of 6 quads)

Its easy to blame the OpenGL driver writers… I hope I never become one

But this might not be the drivers fault, I’m just making a stupid guess.

u want both speed and good looks!

u should normally have texture perspective correction turned on.
also skyboxs need GL_CLAMP not GL_REPEAT (also a skybox shouldnt use mipmapping)