glGetString failing

for some reason when i call glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) it’s returning null. I’ve used this before and had no problems. Any ideas?

You need to have a valid context before you call this function, and you can’t call it between glBegin() and glEnd() :smiley:

by valid context are you referring to a valid device context or do you mean I need to have set up my pixel format etc.

You need to have a valid OpenGL rendering context (HGLRC). Do you need intruction on creating one? :slight_smile:

no thank you, I have that covered…I think it might be due to how I’m instantiating my rendering subsystem (I’m doing a particle editor using MFC so I might not be getting it set up in time). Thank you though, you have been very helpful, rating++

Anytime, Morpheus. Good luck with that :slight_smile: