glGenTextures, glBindTexture gives unresolved external

How come I get the error message unresolved external when using the functions glBindTexture(…) and glGenTextures(…). Other texture related functions seem to work just fine.


I’ve now checked all the header-files and the functions clearly aren’t there, still I see tutorials refering to those funcs all over the net. I’m using borland c++ 5.02 btw. Any ideas why those functions are missing for me?

glBindTexture and glGenTextures are supported for GL version 1.1 or greater. Probably you have header files for pre 1.1 version. Try updating your header files, and probably your library files. If on Windows, you will probably want to update the DLL files also. Sounds like your files are outdated. What OS/platform are you using?

are you getting these error when linking or when running? if during linking you are not linking with opengl32.lib. if during run, your drivers are out of date…