glGenTexture and glBindTexture

I use OpenGL functions like glGenTexture or glBindTexture for a long time, but today something strange happends !!!

I’ve got a segmentation fault on this line:

glGenTextures(1, &Texture);

…in which Texture is a GLuint, declared as follow in my .h file:

GLuint Texture;

I never had a segmention fault caused by this line, and I didn’t think this instruction could cause a segmentation fault…

Where this segmentation fault can come from ???

Thanks a lot,

Looks very strange, try to run this in a debugger.

Probably your executable and source files are out of sync, try to recompile whole project, make sure that you don’t have lf/cr issue in source file, make sure that you don’t have another (old) copy of dll with that copy in your PATH (if you compile code into dll)…