glGenerateMipmapEXT and GL_GENERATE_MIPMAP with PBO

I am not sure if I have a bug or doing something wrong, but here I go…

If I use the GL_GENERATE_MIPMAP method to make mimaps, my particle textures are fine regardless if I use compression formats or uncompressed, if I use glGenerateMipmapEXT() and no compression some of the particles show lines in the texures and if I use compression they disappear? I haven’t tried this without using the PBO to stream the data in, but doubt that would make a difference seeing how it works with GL_GENERATE_MIPMAP so the code is sane. This is on Vista and GF8800GTS with latest drivers.

File a bug report with nVidia.

I have’t filed one before do you just email them? Or is there a form to fill out? And do you get any response back from them on the issue whether or not it is a bug?

Thanks Korval

Anyone here from Nvidia willing to send me an email for bug reporting? Thanks

they finally got a public forum, just send a message/email to their employees over there