This is a different question from the other post I just made, I would just like to know which toolkit would best fit my requirements for a virtual environment project.

From my inquiries in other forums, they suggest that GLFW is the best choice.

My requirements for the whole project are:

  1. Render an arbitrary object from an external file.
  2. Navigate through the environment via hardware inputs (keyboard keys for now)
  3. Interaction with the object, such as manipulation and force feedback, again via hardware input (mouse keys for the grabbing for now)

That’s pretty much about it:)

Understand that none of these features are provided by OpenGL itself.

OpenGL is for drawing stuff, not loading file/handling inputs/etc

Try to see if is better for you. It Uses OpenGL for drawing, but have a lot more features.

Since you seem to be working in VR you may also want to take a look at VRJuggler, it takes care of input handling and allows you to configure your app to run in a wide variety of VE. You can combine it with a scene graph like OpenSG or OpenSceneGraph and other rendering systems.

Are OpenSG and OpenSceneGraph similar to Ogre3d? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies.