GLFW + FLTK cohabitation ?

I’d like to use both simultaneously in the following way :
GLFW to render the main window (possibly fullscreen) and FLTK to render dialog boxes (separate windows). Is this possible ?

I have not tried it, but technically it should work. Possible problems:

  1. Don’t open a fullscreen window and another window at the same time (the fullscreen window will be minimized).
  2. Include file conflicts (e.g. include order)

If you succeed, plese let me/us know.

ok i’ll try that. Point 1) means than in a glfw-based game, I can’t use fltk… that is annoying. Can you see any way to walk around that issue ?

Well, you can of course:

  1. Iconify GLFW fullscreen window
  2. Open FLTK window
  3. Close FLTK window
  4. Restore GLFW fullscreen window

…or similar.

You will not be able to overlay an FLTK window on top of a GLFW fullscreen window (do you want to do that?).

This is part of the GLFW design: when a fullscreen window loses focus (which is usually due to an ALT+TAB event or similar), the desktop video mode is restored and the fullscreen window is iconified. Whenever the fullscreen window is re-activated (either by user selection, or with glfwRestoreWindow), the fullscreen video mode is restored and the window is un-iconified.

If you want to integrate a GUI in a GLFW window, I suggest that you use something like PUI or GLGooey.

thanks for the hint about PUI and GLgooey !
that might help !