Please forgive me, I had posted this earlier in the wrong forum.

How do I compile GLFW for .NET? I tried using the MSVC 6.0 approach, but it plain ol doesn’t like it… Says that “make” is not an internal or external command… I have make from unxutil.

I see it’s possible, but nothing tells how to do it. Documentation is careful to list MSVC 6.0, but not .NET.


I don’t have .NET, so I don’t know. First of all, (at least under 6.0) the make program is called ‘nmake’. Try searching your HD for nmake.exe, and put it in your PATH environment variable. You probably need to run some .BAT file (it’s called VCVARS* something under 6.0, and lives in the same dir as nmake.exe) from the shell that you’re building GLFW in, before running ‘nmake win32-msvc’.

Is this helping at all?