glFogCoordfEXT / Quadrics

Is it possible to bind volumetric fog to any of the native openGL quadrics? You can bind it to vertices in normal polys, but can you do the same with Spheres, disks etc?

Quadrics are actually not part of the OpenGL library, they are part of the GLU library.

That being said, I haven’t worked with the GLU callback stuff, so I’m not sure it’s possible to use that to set the fog coords.

Obviously, if you wanted to use the same fog coord for the whole object, you’d just set the fog coord and then draw the quadric. I’m assuming that’s not what you’re looking for, though.

Well, ahem, in an example of extreme dodgy coding, Im looking for a “hack” method of simulating “atmospheric glow” on a GL quadric. It doesn’t have to be accurate or overly attractive, just something to demonstrate the effect.

I was guessing that binding one call of glFogCoordfEXT before calling the function to draw the quadric - not near my work terminal, so can’t do trial and error for now.