glFinish Slow

I have a strange problem. My app runs fine on my laptop. If I copy the compiled version to the desktop, everything runs fine on the desktop.

If I build it on the desktop, normal api calls like glFinish and/or SLD_SwapBuffers have a major slowdown(over a second) almost every frame. I have reinstalled the drivers, and rebuilt SDL.

Any ideas on what to try next…this is making me nuts.

Thanks for any advice or ideas…I am not sure what to try next…

Have you the same developer programs on both machines?

sounds like your app runs in software rendering on your desktop computer. what hardware are you using/extensions ?

Problem resolved…I am not exactly sure what it was…but it seems some of the binary data (models, terrain, bmp, tga, ) was corrupt. Refreshing my data resource directory tree fixed it.

Thanks for your help