glext.h... HELP!!!

everytime I try to compile my source code, my Borland 3.1 gives me about 31 errors saying that there were multiple declarations in glext.h…I DIDNT WRITE THE FILE!! i thought it was supposed to work… Ive downloaded the same file from about 30 locations, and I cant find one that wont give me errors…what should I do?

AAAAAAAh now here’s the point ! You are using Borland C++ Builder. I’ve used a borland compiler for much time, and I’ve met some compatibility problems, too.
glext.h has probably been written for MSVC++. My only idea for you is the following : at the top of glext.h, there is :
#ifndef _glext_h
#define _glext_h
This should prevent you from getting the errors you get. If is does not, maybe _glext_h is some reserved name(because of the two _ on the left) so try replacing it with FOO123 :

#ifndef FOO123
#define FOO123

I hope this will help (but there are few chances !)

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The other solution:

Change the compiler.

If you don’t want it to be for LiNUX (the best chance), you can get DJGPP, being better than BC31. I supose you can obtain the VC++ compiler too.