"GlEnum mode" argument in osg::DrawElements

Hi I am using OpenSceneGraph to create simple graphics programs. I have a small issue on this constructor:

osg::DrawElements::DrawElements (Type primType = PrimitiveType, GLenum mode = 0, int numInstances = 0) 			

What does the GLenum mode = 0 part of the constructor mean? I have tried Google for the answer but I couldn’t find a straightforward answer.



You should ask questions about OpenSceneGraph on that projects forums/mailing lists.

From a quick look at OpenSceneGraphs code it looks as if the mode argument has the same meaning as for the glDrawElements() OpenGL function: it chooses what type of geometry is to be draw (points, lines, triangles, etc.).

carsten got you on this one. In the future, use the source, Luke.

That’s what it’s there for. Or get their Quick Start Guide.