glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D) makes my display goes Blue ?!

I have a nice little tetris clone under development. It’s my first opengl serious program.
It works but my piece are made with simple colored quads.
No i want them to be textured.
I’ve made a bmp loader, and i generate textures. Cool, huh ?
Except the fact that if i put glEnable(gl_texture_2d) everything goes blue (every colors seem to lose a little R and G value).
So i’m stuck.
Any advice ?

In fact it’s not only blue. It seems to depend of the texture’s dominant color.
For exemple, if put a red texture on a quad, my entire display turn almost red.

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Probably you need to disable the texture when you are done with it. Every vertex has a default texture coordinate and will take the color of the relative coodinate within your texture.

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