glDrawRangeElements broken on new MacBook Pro?

I have been told that my application crashes on the new MacBook Pro on glDrawRangeElements calls using standard 1.1 vertex arrays. Using VBO it does not crash. I tested the min and max index parameters so it is most likely a bug in the drivers. Is there anybody out there with a MacBook Pro who is experiencing the same?

I have an Intel iMac (same video card)… if you post some code for me to test, I can test it for you.

It works fine on the new Intel iMac running 10.4.4. This bug was either introduced in 10.4.5 or the graphics card or drivers are somehow different. I was not able to test it on 10.4.5 on the iMac yet. The code I use is pretty straighforwarded. I use GLushort as indices and have vertex (3f) and color arrays (4ub) enabled. I have inserted a couple of asserts to check for the min and max arrays in debug builds and it runs fine on all other systems so I am sure it can only be a bug in the drivers. I do not really care about GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES nor
GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_INDICES and it might be that the data I pass to glDrawRangeElements may exceed upper limits. As far as I know the constants are only recommendations for best performance.

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