glDrawPixel problem

Sorry, my english is bad!.
I’ve a problem with the auxiliary buffer on GeForce2. The function glDrawPixels don’t work.
In the back buffer work fine, but in the AUX0 buffer don’t work.
It is a limitation ?
I’s a card o driver problem ?
I’s a Windows implementation problem ?
Any idea ?
I use Windows XP.

Use glGetIntegerv(GL_AUX_BUFFERS, &numAuxBuffers) to check if you have some.
Could be that the GeForce2 doesn’t offer aux buffers.
Add more glGetError checks into your code to catch such problems.

Of course, I use glGetIntegerv to check de availability of aux buffer. My GeForce2 have 4 AUX buffer.
Auxiliary buffer work fine, except with the function glDrawPixel.

I was test in GeForce4 and de problem persist.