glDrawElements vs glDrawRangeElements

Is there any advantage of using glDrawRangElements is this situation:

glDrawElements(GL_TRIANLGES, 0, count, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, tris);


glDrawRangeElements(GL_TRIANGLED, 0, count, count, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, tris);

The performance seem to be equal on 12.41 with GF1 DDR



The main advantage of glDrawRangeElements() would be knowing what portion of the array you were using without scanning the indices first. If the bottleneck in your app is efficient transfer of data to the GPU this could help - but if that’s not the bottleneck, then it won’t help.

Thanks -

Probably not in that case on a GF, as I think vertexArrayRange will have already have told the driver the area of memory your vertices are in.
The only way I can see DrawRangeElements helping is in drawing from data not already in video memory, where you are only drawing a set of triangles from a larger buffer.