glDrawArray & VBO bugs?

I am using the ARB_vertex_buffer_object on a Panther 10.3.4, but when it gets to the call of glDrawElements, I got a Access Fault error …

The problem is that the same piece of code works just fine under Win32 … but crashes under MacOSX

Here is the code I use to do so :


// First Create the vertex buffers (somewhere in a function) :

glGenBufferARB(1, &glName);
glBindBufferARB(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER_ARB, glName);

// Somewhere fill the data into memory, then send them 
// to the buffer (again another function)

glBindlBufferARB(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER_ARB, glName);

// I Create the same way the GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_ARB buffers for indices

// Then I finally render it, binding it, then setting all pointers I want to use, and send it to GL

glBindBufferARB(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, glName);

glVertexPointer(size, GL_FLOAT, vSize, (char *) NULL + startOffset);
glColorPointer(4, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, vSize, (char *) NULL + offset);

// Finally call glDrawElements to render vertex buffer

glDrawElements(primType, idxCount, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, (char *) NULL + (startIndex * (sizeof(short int)));

I have the exact same problem.
This bug has been around for a long time, apple knows about it but I guess they have no idea how to fix it.
There is a related bug where textures dont get rendered at all and all polygons simply come out black.

I am about to give up on macs.

There seem to be a number of problems with ARB_vbo still. Unsurprising, since 10.3.4 is the first release of the OS that supports them.

If you are a paying ADC member, you should be able to download the 10.3.5 seed and test that. I’d expect most of the bugs they know about to be fixed, since this is obviously an important extension.

If the bug isn’t fixed, /make sure you report it now/. It’s probably not yet too late to get it fixed for 10.3.5.

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