glDeleteLists doen't free memory 😕!


I’m developong a mfc app, which uses openGL in order to draw on each view, after which I use some GDI to draw text.

Each view has its own display list, referenced by a unique index. Each time the view’s image must be rerendered from scratch, I delete the display list and recalc it, which works fine.

The problem is that, when I destroy the view, the memory used by the last display list calculated is not alliberated. However, I call glDeleteLists on the view’s destructor, so I can’t understant what’s happening.

Any guesses will be appreciated. thanks in advance!

just a guess : are you sure that by the time the view destructor is called, your GL context is still current and valid? If not, any gl* call is ignored.



So you are sure that your contents of your display list are overridden, and therefore deleted.

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