glClipPlane and vertex/frag shaders

I found that automatic texture generation has to be re-implemented in the vertex shader even if you have it in the opengl program. Please could you tell me if similar problems would be faced if I try to use glClipPlane().

Yes, you can’t use glClipPlane and vertex programs together. I used the cull_fragment texture shader on my Geforce4 for clipping planes. But this is a NVidia extension. There must be something similar in ARB_fragment_program, but I do not have this extension

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If you use the ARB_vertex_program extension with the ARB_position_invariant option, user clip planes should work fine. See issue 20 of the ARB_vertex_program spec for more details.

For what it’s worth, there’s a example at

that shows how to use the near (or far) clip plane in the place of a user clip plane. The technique has limitations, but for some types of rendering it is superior to user clip planes.

This demo will be up on the NVIDIA web site soon.

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