glClear seems to fail

Hello folks :slight_smile:

i’am currently trying to programm an openGL overlay for another programm. I’am using sdl as the Window manager.

my problem:

i got 2 test programms.

  • the first one is a simple console application. The code works fine everything works as expected.

  • the second programm is a QT-GUI-Application. The drawing also works excepted that the glClear don’t seems to work.

in both programms the drawing code is 100% the same!

i create a seperate thread in both programms (std::thread)

does anyone got the same situation or knows a solution how to resolve the problem?

thanks alot and greetings from germany!

Are you clearing both the color and depth buffers, or just the depth buffer? If the latter, there are some specific reasons why a clear may fail (one of them is that GL didn’t give you a depth buffer during startup), so it’s important to know.

Okay… i outsourced it into dll and now it woks… you can close the topic // thanks for your answer!

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