glClear in Open Inventor

I’m using IVuPy to write an open inventor code. As you may know it does not have built in opengl and various opengl versions are in conflict with it (specially in linux).

What is the equivalent function for glClear in Open inventor? Note that SoSceneManager.render does the work but it lowers the performance. I need a fast fucntion which does the same as glClear.


SoSceneManager::render is about the only place Open Inventor calls glClear.
Lowers performance compared to what? Calling glClear should take about the same amount of time whether you call it directly or indirectly through the render() method. Of course the render() method goes on to traverse the scene graph, which could take some time… but you could call it with an empty or temporarily empty scene graph.


Dear Mike,

Thanks for the info.