glCallLists guaranteed to execute in order?

Does the spec require glCallLists to execute the array of lists in order? I was being lazy, and thought that maybe some drivers would batch the lists based on state. Yes, in most it would be way too costly to sort, even requiring a heuristic, but maybe the driver could coarsely sort by texture object, or even materials.

Just a thought.

The only thing that would make sense is that lists are executed in order.

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The spec, in fact, requires them to be called in order: “Each of the n constructed offsets is taken in order and added to a display list
base to obtain a display list number.”

Also, display lists is not the best way to get both flexibility and expressive power while maintaining high performance. If your display lists contain state, in addition to pure vertex/index data, then they’re even less likely to follow an optimized path.

I know it’s not the best way, I was just being lazy. Thanks for the clarification.