glCallList in debug mode = crash...

Hi, I’m not even sure if the prob lies in GL or Visual Studio but maybe some of you had the same problem before

All of my code worked fine until recently; the problem is rather quite strange. It’s sometimes repeatable but don’t wanna repeat it anymore because the entire system crashes -> as in the Num Lock key doesn’t toggle, mouse doesn’t respond, I don’t even get the blue screen; just the whole system lock up requiring a power reboot - I don’t think my HD likes that

The code runs fine without any error but when I debug the code (Visual Studio C++, SP5), it does the hard crash at the glCallList call whether I stop there or go past it. I’ve made sure that I’m not storing any of the illegal calls in the display list. I’m just doing like 100 textured quads in the display list.

I’ve heard that sometimes it crashes when you have watch window open; I tried but didn’t help. I’ve never seen debugger crash… can you debug the debugger?

I’m using Oxygen GVX1 with the lastest driver on Win2000 Pro SP2.

As always, I welcome any comments.

  • Phil

I remember having the same problem several years ago when developing on an early 3D labs OpenGL card. I believe the crash you’re experiencing is in the video driver. The only thing I was able to do was to force my program to choose a software renderer when I was debugging. Very annoying, but I’m not sure there’s anything else you can do.

that’s not good… I don’t think 3D Labs release drivers anywhere near often as other venders (nVidia, ATI), for my card anyways.

Don’t wanna use software if possible

Thanks for your reply, dslater. Anyone else have other suggestions?

  • Phil