GLC_Player 2.2 Beta 1 Better Collada support

GLC_Player 2.2 Beta 1 is Out.
GLC_Player 2.2 has 4 distributions :

New Feature :
:arrow: Use visualization partitioning and frustum culling to enhance graphic performance on heavy 3D Scene
:arrow: Add the new fly navigation mode
:arrow: Add interactive sectioning possibility
:arrow: Add the possibility to save all supported format in the open (Dassault Systemes 3DXML V4 format).
:arrow: Add the possibility to use parallel or perspective projection.

Enhancement :
:arrow: Collada compatibility enhancement (It’s now possible to load Collada genareted by 3DVIA)
:arrow: Full compatibility in 64 bit (Linux, Mac OS and Windows)
:arrow: Windows 64 bit Version compiled with MS VS 2008.
:arrow: 3DXML compatibility enhancement

Have Fun. :slight_smile: