glBindAttribLocation vs NVidia

Does NVidia’s drivers still not allow you to use the indices for old built-in vertex attributes? From:

If so… doesn’t this make glBindAttribLocation kinda useless?

I would really like to have all 16 of my vertex attributes and be able to reference them with my own names… WTF NVidia?

Perhaps you could just try and see that G80+ don’t have that “limitation”.

You did not properly understand what it said:

NVIDIA’s GLSL implementation therefore does not allow built-in vertex attributes to collide with a generic vertex attributes that is assigned to a particular vertex attribute index with glBindAttribLocation. For example, you should not use gl_Normal (a built-in vertex attribute) and also use glBindAttribLocation to bind a generic vertex attribute named “whatever” to vertex attribute index 2 because gl_Normal aliases to index 2.

Emphasis added. This is about when you want to combine generic attributes with standard ones. If all you want to do is use only generic attributes, you’ve always been free to do so. It is only the combination between them that NVIDIA’s implementation didn’t allow.

Ohhhhhhhh ok!

I think this tutorial has the wrong idea then:

I felt that they were saying that those indices are reserved for built-ins only.