glBegin/EndTransformFeedback() not defined?


I’m currently working on a particle system for a class. I’ve been sampling multiple sources for tips and tricks and methods with which to create a non-parametric particle system. This involves, as most sources I’ve found have stated, double-buffering or ping-pong buffering, which of course leads to the use of transform feedback. Unfortunately we are also forced to work out of a school-built OpenGL “rendering” program so the biggest challenge so far has been wrestling with someone else’s code, but in the midst of this what should be the simplest part of my program, to simply draw and update the particles, is failing me.

Visual Studio 2010 claims that the following functions are “undefined”
and the enumerations GL_TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_BUFFER and GL_RASTERIZER_DISCARD) are also undefined?

Are there any common errors that result in this kind of behavior from OpenGL? I’m using OpenGL 4.0.0, GLEW 1.3.3. Is there a different include that needs to occur before using these functions? I’ve scoured other net sources and both the Orange and Red book, any help you could lend me would be greatly appreciated.



GLEW 1.3.3 is from 2005, it predates transform feedback, so probably can not give you access to those entry points.