glaux's auxDIBImageLoad

I’ve read in a documentation that the GLAUX is obsolete and instead I was told to use GLUT. My question is is there a function in GLUT that does the same thing as auxDIBImageLoad?

no there is not. Glut has nothing for texture loading

thanks…do you know where I can download glaux library for Unix/Solaris?

I have been looking for that myself and I dont think it exists for solaris/unix. If all you are looking for is that bitmap texture function just use a different texture format and use a converter to change them from bitmap. Thats what I do.

the unix version of the glaux can be found here

but the header file (glaux.h) is no where to be found. anyone have any ideas?

Far as I know Microsoft wrote the glaux library and that is one big reason no support for it in UNIX/linux, though there maybe some port’s out there someone has done for UNIX. But still not wise to use the glaux library.

Yes glut does not have a BMP loader, but with loads of code out there for loading textures it is not really needed.

But a better solution is to use a TGA loader for your textures. The TGA file format has some features that make it better then the BMP format.

One is support of an Alpha channel, which can be used to make Transparentcy maps. has a tutor on loading TGA files as textures. also Nate Robins GLUT website has a TGA texture file loader.

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