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I’m converting an OpenGL code from Win32 to Linux. The author includes glaux.h and links against glaux.lib (it’s a VC6.0 project so I’m not sure if he actually makes use of these since I can’t compile it).
Do I need these glaux files to run this on Linux? I use mesa and could not find these files on my system.


What aux functions is the code using?

Originally posted by Gavin:
What aux functions is the code using?

These are the two functions I think belong to that library but not sure (still a newbie!)

glGetFloatv( GL_PROJECTION_MATRIX, proj );
glGetFloatv( GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX, modl );

Do these functions looke like glaux functions?

No, those are opengl function. glaux functions have a glaux prefix.

Simple no?

PS: Dont use glaux. It is dead. Use GLUT instead and link with glut32.dll


You’re right about the prefix :frowning:
I searched the code and found none. I guess he didn’t use any but still included the libraries.

Thanks a bunch,
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