glaux.lib opengl32.lib glu32.lib update ?

hi, i use an old version of VC++ and the lib glu32 and glaux are 5 years old. I wanted to know if i should replace them by newer versions to improve my application speed or if it’s useless. (and -if needed- where i could find them).


Hi !

The lib files themself does not make much difference because they are just import libraries to the dll’s.

You get updated versions when you install a service pack (some times), you should NOT try to use other opengl dll’s on WindowsNT/2K/XP that does not come with a service pack.

And finally, there is not much use in trying to update the files, MS has not made any changes to them in many years anyway.

If you have installed hardware drivers for your videocard then those will be used anyway and have not much to do with opengl32.lib/dll.