I’ve compiled a project using libglaux.a
(and probably libglu32.a; I’m not quite sure), I got the messages (displayed as an error dialog on Win95):

A required DLL GLAUX.DLL was not found???

where can I find this dll ? Does anyone have ?

Don’t use glaux… it’s kind of obsolete. Use GLUT instead. you can find instructions and source for installing GLUT for windows at:

After installing this (VERY easy with VC++ 6.0)

If your using VC++ 6.0

  1. Create a project for a console app.

  2. Link with glut32.lib, glu32.lib, opengl32.lib

  3. Include “glut.h” - this includes gl.h and glu.h, and should be enough to get you started. You DON’T need “windows.h”

Btw thanks to MikeC for this info, I read it off a different thread he posted to last night and got everything set up fine.