GLAPI fails in glu.h

Hi, I am a newbie in OpenGL. I tried to learn OpenGL on Microsoft Visual Studio. However, I got an error about GLAPI stuff in glu.h like indicated in the following site

Please tell me how that I can solve this problem

Perhaps your headers are not ordered properly.
Try changing the order.

Which header in which files ? I am pretty much confused since I just follow the code in OpenGL superbible 5th edition.

OK do this get the latest svn version from here and see if this sorts out ur problem.

svn checkout oglsuperbible5-read-only

Never forget, on windows, to include windows.h before any gl/glu/glut headers.

Thank you very much. I’ll try.

I have put <windows.h> on the top, but it still doesn’t work.

Assuming that u are using the latest svn release, could u please let us know which chapter and what project you are running.

The first chapter <creating block>. I also tried to use VS2010 and CodeBlock. Although the errors are different.

It actually works on VS2008 and Codeblocks. But for codeblocks(Linux), we have to manually edit the makefile.
makefile should be an easy task to do.