glActiveTexture failing

I’ve been having trouble with multi texturing on Mac.

I have an active context. GL_ARB_multitexture is supported.
I’m not exceeding the count returned with GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS_ARB.
But no matter what I pass to glActiveTextureARB the active texture (retrieved with GL_ACTIVE_TEXTURE_ARB) remains GL_TEXTURE0_ARB.

Same code works fine on Windows. Is there something extra I need to do on Mac?

I’m using 10.3.1 with a Radeon 9700

For the love of MetroWerks.

Turns out that

glActiveTexture( GL_TEXTURE0_ARB + idx );

does not equal:

GLint unit = GL_TEXTURE0_ARB + idx;
glActiveTexture( unit );

who knows what they’re smoking at Metrowerks. But now at least I’m getting both textures in my shader.

Now I just have to figure out why my cubemaps don’t work on Mac…

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