glActiveTexture and Application Heap Size

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I’m very new at this and am seeing some goofy behavior. When running an OpenGL app on a windows platform, if I set the max heap size for my application to 512m, everything works fine. When I set it to 1g, textures won’t render and I get a glActiveTexture error (other OpenGL calls seem to work fine).

Do the windows drivers shut down texture rendering if available memory is running low? Does anyone have an explanation for this behavior?

Thanks - Mark

Some video cards (typically low cost and mobile versions)use shared memory with the main host RAM.
What is your hardware ?

Where do you set the heap size?
Video cards have theire own memory. Integrated cards can either have dedicated and some system RAM reserved or just sys RAM reserved for them.

How much texture memory are you consuming?

Thanks for the responses.

I’m running on a ClearCube Client Blade with an Intel Q965/Q963 integrated chipset. The configuration has 8M dedicated and up to 128M shared.

As for the heap size, I’m actually running OpenGL through Java. I set the max heap size of the java application to 1G.

BTW - I can cansume up to 50M of texture memory with this app.

Thanks again.

And your total RAM is ?
8 meg dedicated is very small, you need the main RAM too.
Make sure this stays true :
( used ram by OS and other processes + 50M + Java max heap ) < ( TOTAL + some empty buffer )

Total RAM is 2G. The ClearCube machines have lots of other processes running that take up memory. I’ll check again to make sure that the allocation is sufficient before starting the app.

Thanks again - Mark

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