gl3.h & gl4.h ? gl_core?

Something not really important but that could make the thing more obvious for everyone. What about a gl4.h header?

Ok, the purpose of gl3.h is to expose the “core profile” functionalities so this gl4.h has no real purpose is more than gl3.h isn’t the right name. gl_core.h?

Nothing earth breaking here just stating on something odd for most people I guess.

my exact thoughts :wink:

Why? Has anything new been deprecated in GL4?

I guess it would cause less confusion among newbs if there was a gl4.h “Hi, I would like to program for GL4. How do I install it? Why does it crash at this function? Why do I have to use extensions if I have GL4?”

I am going to be twisted grouchy:

the header name gl3.h was a bad idea… GLES2 has gl2.h, I wonder what hell would happen if GLES3 ever was made…

in hind sight probably would have been better to do:

gl_core.h: GL core API
gl_compatibility.h: GL compatibility API (or just forever keep updating gl.h and glext.h, eww)

but we are now doing GL/gl3.h, which has GL4 API points… and we still have not seen a gl3ext.h at all… I end up making my own for extension header file for those extensions that are not in GL3(or 4).

GLES2 has gl2.h, I wonder what hell would happen if GLES3 ever was made…

They would use gl3.h. GLES is not required to be backwards compatible with previous versions, nor is it required to be perfectly API compatible with OpenGL.

Just use GLEW. Type “make extensions” (or something like that) in a linux/unix environment to regenerate the GLEW source code from the OpenGL registry. This way your GLEW will pick up all the new features automatically without the need to wait for an official GLEW release.

Whouu so much fun! What about Windows developers? Guest what I tried that on MSys+MinGW / Cygwin / MacOS X. It doesn’t work. Nigels actually tell me that even on Linus all setup doesn’t work. It need to be a bit specific, if I remember, I require a specific version of Perl or something.

No that a great option. It used to be and I wish it would be again!