GL3 and nVidia

I’m trying to start my first GL3 program under Linux, and I’m having trouble finding the gl3.h header. I’m using the nVidia binary blob driver/glx, and I assumed that it would come with its own headers, but it looks like it doesn’t. All my GL headers are the ones that came with xorg (mesa); the nVidia driver only installed cuda headers. Is this normal, and if so, where can I get a gl3.h that is suitable for nVidia development? I’m running gentoo, if it matters.

You can find gl3.h here :

I can now compile and run the code at Thanks!

Are most linux devs just putting that header in their include/GL directory by hand, or do most distros ship a package just for that?

I put gl3 header by hand in my project directory. This is very convenient in my opinion.