GL_VERTEX_SHADER_EXT vs GL_NV_vertex_program


There are a lot of information concerning that issue, but I’m not shure if I got it right.
If I’m using vertex shaders with ATI AND NVidia I’ll have to use both Extensions? ( GL_VERTEX_SHADER_EXT for Radeon, GL_NV_vertex_program for Geforce…)
And ATI’s solution seems to use higher-level calls ( no asm ).
Do any other manufacturers support these extensions?

Yes you’ll have to use both extensions since NVIDIA only supports NV_vertex_program and ATI only supports EXT_vertex_shader.

fortunately ARB_vertex_shader is on it’s way…


And which API will ARB_vertex_shader use, ATi’s or nVidia’s? Or a third (groan) of their own making?

The only information are the latest ARB meeting notes AFAIK.


ARB_vertex_shader will not be like either NV_vertex_program or EXT_vertex_shader. Yes it will be a third enirely different extension that duplicates much of the functionality of the other two.

However, considering that all members of the ARB are reviewing it, it should be much cleaner than the other two and will be much more widely supported by HW vendors (such as ATI and Nvidia).