I am trying to use 3D texture with VC++6.0 and found GL_TEXTURE_3D is not defined in GL/gl.h. Do I need some other header file and lib/dll files in order to use 3D texture?

You do indeed, my friend. You need to visit the extension registry and get the file “glext.h”. You might as well get the file “wglext.h” while your there (you may need it).

Then there’s the joy of actually loading the extension proc, which when done correctly entails more than I care to reiterate here. You can find the details from the home page of this site, if you’re interested.

You may instead prefer to use an automated extension loading library, such as GLEW or GLEE . Having never used either, I can’t say much about them, other that they seem to be highly regarded by many of the folks here.

P.S. Pardon all the links. I started playing with the UBB codes and got a little carried away :wink:

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